“HOW TO PRINT United Athle”

United Athle, where you can create the clothing you want to wear from a wide variety of styles.
That’s why I want to be particular about the combination of design and processing method.
This time, we processed each of the two types of designs with two techniques and compared the finishing.
Even with the same design, if you change the processing method, the appearance will much difference.

Please select the most suitable processing method from the following points.


Main processing pattern

First of all, I will introduce the features and cautions of each of the four processing methods used this time.

If you hold down the points, you can proceed with item creation smoothly.

Screen Printing


DGT Printing


A printing method that creates a “plate” for each color and prints ink. Various expressions can be achieved by changing the type of ink, and it is mainly suitable for large lots. The most popular method of wear print processing. If you increase the number of ink colors, the production cost of the plate will increase accordingly, so be careful.

This is a printing method in which ink is sprayed directly onto the product, and is suitable for small lots as it prints one sheet at a time. Perfect for full-color prints with high reproducibility. This method can be used mainly for cotton products, so you need to be careful when choosing the material. Multicolor designs, gradations, photos, etc. can be printed beautifully.

ua printing method HEAT TRANSFER PRINTING


A method of printing by printing a design on a dedicated sheet and crimping it. It features full-color printing with good color development, and can be printed on products made of various materials. The unique texture of the seat has different tastes, so it is necessary to check whether it matches the design.

ua printing method EMBROIDERY


It has a unique sense of luxury and three-dimensionality that cannot be found in other prints, and even small patterns have a strong presence. I make an outstanding performance as one point of the Polo and cap! It is more durable than other prints, so you can wear it cleanly for a long time. The point is that it can be used in a wide range of ways, from designing company logos and brand logos to personalizing each person’s name.


Processing and comparison

United Athle printing mehtod comparison
United Athle’s must-have items, pullover hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts
I posted two designs to compare.
Printing Compare


The body color is the popular grey, and the processing color is exquisite green that matches the trend and white that is similar to the body color. Pay attention to the difference in expression created by the processing method.

ua printing method COMPARISON case 1 1

This design is a 2-color print, so it is necessary to make 2 versions. Silk screen printing is characterized by the fact that the print ink blends well with the fabric and has good color development. The white ink, which is similar to the hoodie, blends into the body, while the green ink is clearly expressed, creating a sharp impression that takes advantage of the characteristics of the print. In addition, one of the attractions is the high cost performance when the number of production is large and the number of colors in the design is small.

ua printing method COMPARISON case 1 2

Compared to silk screen printing, the three-dimensional effect is outstanding even with the same design. The design of the same color as the body is also clearer than the silk screen print, so it has an outstanding presence. However, it is necessary to be careful as the cost may increase if the design is detailed or the size of the design is large.

ua printing method 561801
Style No. 5618-01
10.0 oz T/C Hoodies

A classic pullover parka with a fluffy and soft fleece lining that retains heat. The front yarn is composed of 100% cotton that does not pill and is ideal for printing. In 2023SS, two colors of United Athle’s popular colors “Cement” and “Smoky Green” have been added.

Color:005 Grey

ua printing method COMPARISON case 2

CASE : 2

The body color is classic black. I put a full color design on it. We will compare the texture of the processing method selected for multicolor design and how the detailed design looks.

ua printing method COMPARISON case 2 1

Since the ink is sprayed directly, the print is easily affected by the texture and color of the fabric. Compared to transfer printing, the colors are softer and attractive, making it possible to create full-color designs with a natural texture.

ua printing method COMPARISON case 2 2

Since the design is printed on the sheet, it is possible to reproduce even finer characters than inkjet, and it is characterized by clear color development. A unique “border” is attached around the design, but it is possible to make it less noticeable by matching the fabric color.

ua printing method 504401
Style No.5044-01
10.0oz Cotton French Terry Sweatshirt

A classic crewneck sweatshirt with the largest number of colors and sizes. A simple is best long-selling product. In the 2023SS season, the trendy used-like colors “Lake Blue” and “Light Olive” will join the ranks.

Color : 002 Black